Journey of a Fiddler - Day 10 (String Crossing)

Hi everyone! I'm still practicing string crossing! Wow this part is difficult - I'm still working on getting the timing just right so I won't bow both strings at once!

I see a slight improvement though! ^^

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Rachta Likhitluecha said...

*Cheer Kitty on his violin adventure* :3

Anonymous said...

I hate to rain on your parade, but there will come a time not so very far from now when you will want to bow two strings at once :-/ I don't know why we don't start out learning double stops as they are so much easier at the beginning...

Darren Lee said...

Well... its alright! I just want to be able to control my bow, and get it to only bow 2 strings when I want it to XD

Darren Lee said...

@ Rachta: Thanks Rachta! Hey why not take up a musical instrument too?!

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