Day 3 - Wobbly Wobbly

I tried bowing today by pulling full strokes, from frog to tip. However, I noticed that when the middle of the bow is contacting the string, it tends to wobble sideways. I guess this should be solved with practice. Also been concentrating more on moving my elbow, and not my shoulders when bowing.

And according to FM, you'll need to put more pressure when you're towards the tip of the bow, and less pressure towards the frog, to maintain an equal volume throughout. So I've been working on that as well.

I noticed a fine coat of white dust on my string too - does this mean I'm applying too much rosin?

Have you all encountered this problems before? How did you make sure you were bowing straight?

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Anonymous said...

Watch yourself in a mirror to see if you're bowing straight.

A little rosin on the strings is normal - wipe it off the strings and face of the fiddle when you're finished playing.

You may find it easier in the beginning to bow from the middle of the bow towards the tip - using the frog end of the bow will be easier after you've mastered using the middle and tip - it's also a matter of balance, coordination, bow weight, bow tilt, and wrist/finger flexation. Not easy, but keep up the good work!

Darren Lee said...

Wow thank you Cat!

I'll mostly likely post a video tomorrow, and shatter everyones' ear drums! XD

I think I'll restring it on Wednesday, and lets hope it'll sound rounder and more mellow too!

Hmmm... I'l take your advice and bow from the middle to the tip then! It does sound easier!

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