Day 4 - Bowing Straight

There has been a lot of requests asking me to make a video of myself playing... so today I made my first video ever!

Please like the video if you thought it was a good first attempt, and share your experiences below!
Hope you enjoy it!

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Rachta Likhitluecha said...

OMG! >.> <.< Handsome guy in the video! O_O!


:3 Keep up the practice!

Anonymous said...

Very nice for Day 4!

Nice bow hold, very nice, even note.

Your shoulder should not move at all, just from the elbow down - flex your wrist more instead.

You're off to a great start! :-)

Darren Lee said...

Thank you Cat! I won't have learnt quickly without the guidance from more experienced violinists like you! ^^

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