Day 1 - First Steps

Day 1 - First Steps

My name's Darren and I'm from Singapore. Before I start though, I want to thank my girlfriend Rachta Lin for putting up with the ruckus that will ensue, Tom Koh for helping me with musical knowledge, Swee Kwang from Johann Strings who helped set up the instrument & guided me along with starting tips, Todd Ehle (a.k.a. professorV) who spent so much time & effort making a wonderful series of videos that I plan to use daily during my learning process, and Lindsey Stirling, the hip-hop violinist who inspired me to actually begin this monumental task.

Having absolutely no music background, I'm about to embark on a path to self-learn the violin. Today's the first day I officially start my journey, and I will spend 30minutes daily practicing it. 

For many years, I have always enjoyed the smooth sound a violin makes. It is by far my favorite instrument but have never been motivated enough to actually learn it. I know its a tedious challenge, but yet, here I am, after many years of admiring the fiddle.

My first goal to learning the violin is to get comfortable with holding the bow the correct way. After some tips from Swee Kwang and professorV, I'm going to attempt to get the hold to feel natural.

By the end of the lesson, I think I've sort of managed to hold it. What do you guys think? Any thing that I'm doing wrongly?

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Rachta Likhitluecha said...

Nice blog you have! It's great that you've found something you are passionate to learn. ^^

I will support you all the way :)

Anonymous said...

Your bow hold looks good (followed you over here from the Fiddlerman forum) but you could maybe have more of your first finger in contact with the lapping. Let's hear some sound! :-)

Darren Lee said...

Heya Cat! Of course I remember you! :D

What's the lapping? O_o'

Darren Lee said...

Oh I found out what's the lapping.. its that silver wire that coils around the bow!

Mmm.. So I should hold it higher a lil? Or just stretch my finger over the lapping?

Anonymous said...

Stretch your finger so it is half on the lapping, and half on the wrapping to begin. Your personal bow hold will develop with time.

Darren Lee said...

Ah ha! Alright! I'll work on it! ^_^

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